Her Best Life Customer Feedback Survey
Sorry guys - we're focusing on designing products for women and a community exclusive to them at the moment BUT financial literacy is for everyone!

Men can skip the survey and sign up for more info here: 
Fortune favours the bold who get shit done.
- Sophia Amoruso

Let's get things straight - we're in the business of helping women to help themselves. So please be as honest as possible and we'll do our best to build you something you didn't even know you were looking for and can't wait to get started using. Deal?

Can't wait to read your comments!

Amy Lynch
Founder, Her Best Life

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What age group are you? *

[This survey is intended for women aged 18 and over]

Let's talk about the problem I'm trying to solve:
I believe young women want to improve their knowledge and confidence when it comes to finance but have difficulty finding information to suit their needs. *

Do you experience this problem, or is there a better way to describe the problem that you face?
What tools or services do you use at the moment to address this problem?

What don't you love about solutions you've tried?
What do you WISH existed to address this problem? *

What are your biggest, most important current responsibilities and goals?

We're talking personal and professional commitments, obligations and milestones you're aiming for in future. *

What's the hardest part about managing your responsibilities and achieving your goals?
How do you like to consume new information?
What is your preferred learning style?

Video, website/blog, newsletter, magazine, book, social media, podcast, traditional radio, live event.
What motivates you to improve your financial knowledge?
Tell us about a time in the last 12 months when you tried to improve your financial knowledge. How did it make you feel? *

Examples of motivation include: basic needs, wants, ego or status related
Examples of improvements vary and can include: traditional (bank, education), personal (chatting to family and friends), professional (discussing work contracts, role duties, benefits or negotiations).
Who handles your personal finances in your home?
How much time each month on average do you spend on your personal finances? *

We're talking bills, savings, debts, investments.
It could be minutes, days, hours - or nothing! We know it can vary depending on the time of year, so think about it, add it all up and then give us your monthly average.
Now for the juicy part:
I am developing a website and online community where you can access inspiring stories and money advice, with the option to subscribe to e-learning content and practical resources to help you take action with your own personal finance goals.

1) Does this solution solve the problem that we discussed, and do you have any ideas on how it could be improved?
2) Would you use this solution if it were free
3) What would you pay for the solution if we had it right now? *

We know it's a lot to answer in one question, so take your time, think of other products or apps you've used and/or paid for in the past and give us your best guess!
Any feedback is better than no feedback.
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